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Endota Spa

Brand: Endota Spa Model: AU_RNF2004
When skin loses its lustre, our dual-action exfoliant is designed to gently renew skin. Its creamy formulation is bursting with antioxidants, vitamin-rich botanicals Davidson plum and amla berry, both bio-active native Australian ingredients that help defend against premature ageing. An added blend ..
Brand: Endota Spa Model: AU_RNF2006
Refresh and replenish your complexion with a mood-lifting facial spritz, softly scented with the aroma of roses. Infusions of rose oil and aloe vera help soothe skin and deliver a wellspring of hydration. Perfect while working or travelling to provide protection from moisture loss.Features:Everyday ..
Brand: Endota Spa Model: AU_RAM2913
Prepare to experience the full benefits of your aromatherapy as ultra-sonic technology finely disperses your chosen endota spa essential oils into the air. The perforated, spherical design casts dappled white light into your space, creating gentle warmth and a peaceful, relaxing ambience.Features:Th..
Brand: Endota Spa Model: AU_RSE20218
Create the spa experience at home with our inaugural signature blend of essential oils. Our Clarity essential oil blend is a sweet citrus sunburst blended to help refresh and clear the mind. Our Breathe essential oil has been blended to help with colds and flus. Scented with eucalyptus, lemon and la..
Brand: Endota Spa Model: AU_RSE02319
Our Spirit essential oil blend is made for meditation, yoga and breathing deeply. Switch off your mind with Dream Essential Oil and drift off to sleep with the soothing scents of mandarin, orange and patchouli. Our Calm essential oil blend has a soothing and relaxing scent. Be inspired to take time ..
Brand: Endota Spa Model: AU_RAM3588
Activate a more youthful appearance with the revitalising properties of cool, soothing jade. Pass the facial roller over pressure points to help stimulate collagen and elastin production, releasing lymphatic blockages to help boost the skin’s natural detoxification process. Works to purify and detox..
Brand: Endota Spa Model: AU_RAM2841
Create the ideal atmosphere for your at-home self-care rituals with the subtle, dappled light of our miniature mood lamp.Used to inspire calm in our treatment rooms, these oval-shaped lamps cast delicate flecks of light through circular perforations and can stylishly transform your home or office an..
Brand: Endota Spa Model: AU_RT3281
The USB diffuser has an elegant white ceramic sphere that emits a subtle, dappled light bringing a sense of calm to your space. Ultra-sonic technology dispenses the soothing aromas of essential oil into the air.Features:Power Supply: power point USB adaptor or USB port (i.e. a computer)Made of Ceram..
Brand: Endota Spa Model: AU_KBEDWFH
The USB diffuser has an elegant white ceramic sphere that emits a subtle, dappled light bringing a sense of calm to your space. The weightless, facial mist acts as a barrier against harmful blue light radiation and environmental stress. Energise your mind and get the job done at home or at work with..
Brand: Endota Spa Model: AU_RSF2592
Active thermal technology delivers a multi-sensory experience that gently opens pores to extract impurities and infuse active benefits.This self-heating exfoliant stimulates your complexion on contact, improving the appearance of fine lines, acne scars and discolouration. Granulated physical exfolia..
Brand: Endota Spa Model: AU_RSF2603
This superior elasticity and skin-firming formula uses encapsulated vitamin A to quickly and visibly minimise lines and smooth deep wrinkles. Refine your skin’s texture as you boost radiance for younger-looking, vibrant skin with this effective, yet gentle retinol treatment.Features:Anti-AgingWrinkl..
Brand: Endota Spa Model: AU_RSF3374
Defend your skin with this high performance, innovative moisturiser designed as an invisible shield against damaging blue light and atmospheric pollution. Its antioxidant formula of clinically proven ingredients safeguards your complexion from ‘digital ageing’ and instantly delivers a 72-hour dose o..
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